How to Prevent Damage to Your Trees in The Winter

Did you know that winter months can be harsh for trees? Extreme drops in temperature can cause a lot of damage to trees. The damage could be from a damaged bark to a branch falling off. In addition to this, lack of food during the winter causes animals to feed from barks and twigs causing damage. 

How Can You Prevent Damage to Your Trees in the Winter

Here at Hertfordshire Trees, we have put together  a list on the things you can do to prevent damage to your trees in the winter. 

Animal Damage

Many animals such as rodents and mice feed off tender parts of trees in the winter. This damage can be reduced if you simply wrap a mesh hardware cloth around the trunk of the tree. You can also spray a repellant on your tree to repel any animals going near it. If there is heavy rain, you may have to reapply the repellant. 

Soil Temperature

In the colder months, frost builds up causing soil to freeze. When soil freezes, it expands and contracts, damaging the roots. To prevent the roots from getting damaged, adding a layer of mulch around your tree will keep the temparature of the soil constant. 

Sun Scald

If you have ever noticed a dried or sunken areas of bark on your tree, it could be a sign of sun scald, especially on a tree that you have just planted. You can prevent your newly planted tree from getting sun scald by wrapping it up. You could use a tree wrap or any other material which reflects the sun. This will protect your tree from getting sun scald. 

Salt Damage 

Usually when it snows, the first thing we do is use salt to clear ice or the driveway. If you have any trees near your driveway or near the road, salt can damage your tree as it gets sprayed from passing vehicles. This can cause browning of leaves. To prevent your tree from salt damage, place a burlap screen between the tree and where the salt has been placed so that is doesn’t get sprayed on your tree when you are pulling into your driveway. 

Different types of trees react differently in the winter. If you would like to know more about what you can do to prevent damage on your trees in the winter, view our contact details below and get in touch with us. 

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