Tree Surgeons in Watford

Looking for a tree surgeon across Watford and the surrounding areas? Then let us help! Take a look below at the range of tree surgery services we offer across Watford, along with our contact details. If you're hoping to get in touch sooner, you can simply give us a call on, 07775 743861.

Tree Surgeons in Watford

Below are a few of the services we offer across Watford and the surrounding areas. Hopefully, you'll understand how we can help and what we can do!

Tree Felling in Watford

In some circumstances, its best to entirely remove a tree for safety reasons; it may also be that by removing a tree, your garden/land will look a lot better. Regardless of your reason for removing a tree, let us help with our felling services here at Hertfordshire Trees, across Watford.

Stump Grinding in Watford

Whilst it can make a great change aesthetically by removing a tree from your garden/land, the stump of that tree will still remain in ground. If you'd like free up more space for whatever reason, you can consider stump grinding services in Watford. This means that here Hertfordshire Trees, we can remove trees and their stumps entirely through our services. 

Tree Pruning in Watford

With our tree pruning services here at Hertfordshire Tree, we can assist with thinning the crown of a tree to reducing the size of the crown to removing the lower branches and much more. Have a tree that needs our tree pruning services? No problem at all, take a look at our contact details below!

Hedge Trimming in Watford

Ensure your hedges look great with our hedge trimming services. If your hedges are overgrown, they can cause your garden/land to look less spacious; take a look at our contact details below and get in touch to let us help keep your hedges looking great and keep them in healthy condition.

Tree Surgeons in Watford 

If you're looking for tree surgeons across Watford, then look no further! To get in touch with us here at Hertfordshire Trees, you can give us a call on, 07775 743861  or even send us an email at, Alternatively, feel free to use our handy contact form on the website. On that note, if you would like to see the work we have done for customers, please visit our gallery page. Want to read the reviews that our customers have left? Take a look at our reviews page.

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