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At Hertfordshire Trees we offer a range of tree surgery services across the Oaklands area. Whether you need hedges trimmed, stump grinding or felling solutions, we're happy to help! 
Below you will find out more about our Oaklands services, however if you ready to get in touch with us, please drop us a call on 07775 743861 or via our contact form here.

Stump grinding

After we've successfully removed a tree, the stump remains in the ground. Sometimes its best to completely do away with tree entirely to free up space for re-planting or re-turfing; made its the best spot to place a new summer house. Whatever the reason, our professionals and the appropriate machinery we have, there's no tree too tall for us to tackle! 

Tree felling 

In some instances, its better to remove a tree entirely for safety reasons; maybe your garden might benefit aesthetically from removing a tree. Whatever your reasons may be, our felling services are available here in Oaklands. Regardless of size, location or conditions of the project, our team at Hertfordshire Tree are more than prepared to leave you 100% satisfied! 

Hedge trimming

We don't just trim hedges, we make sure they are left looking brilliantly for all passersby's to appreciate! Believe it or not, overgrowth is a huge issue and can sometimes determine the amount of open space your garden has - Maintaining the growth of hedges can make your garden look much larger and also keeps it in a healthier condition. 

Call us if you have a hedge that needs to be trimmed!

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On a final note, if you're still in limbo about your garden and how we can help you achieve the best results for you, please take a look at our previous work, showcased here in our gallery. Alternatively, we are available for chat via our phone number, 07775 743861, get in touch today and let us take care of your garden in Oaklands, Hertfordshire!

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