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Here at Hertfordshire Trees, we are on hand to attend to all of your tree surgery needs. Undertaking everything from tree felling to stump grinding, our professional tree surgeons are on hand. Please give us a call on 07775 743861 to find out more about our services in Welwyn.

Tree felling

Do you need a tree felling because it's diseased, is already dead or has fallen onto a property/tree nearby? We are on hand to completely remove the tree. 

Trees can be felled in two ways, straight felling (where there's space available) or by dismantling the tree into sections (directional and controlled felling using winching techniques). Whether the tree is small and located on its own or is large and surrounded by other trees, it doesn't matter. Our tree surgeons, based in Hertfordshire, take on all tree felling jobs no matter how big or small. All aspects of the tree felling process will be discussed beforehand so you know what to expect and we'll let you know how much it's going to cost beforehand so there are no shock surprises at the end! 

Tree pruning

Here at Hertfordshire Trees, we carry out all aspects of tree pruning, undertaking everything from thinning the crown of a tree to removing the lower branches to increase the height of a tree to reducing the size of the crown. 

If you have a tree that needs pruning, whether it's in it's early or matured stages, please give us a call on 07775 743861.

Stump grinding & removal

You might need to remove the stump of a tree for a number of reasons, maybe to re-turf over the area or to build a new driveway/path. Whatever the reason, tree stump grinding is the most efficient way of completely removing the stump of a tree. 

Here at Hertfordshire Trees we use specialist stump grinding equipment that allows us to dig far below the ground and tackle almost any stump of any size. We'll cover up the resulting hole with the grinding or we can remove them completely off site. 

Hedge trimming

If you have a hedge that needs trimming, whether it's a small knee-height hedge or a large conifer, our tree surgeons are on hand. We can trim your hedge with accuracy and precision and can trim it to your exact specifications. 

Give us a call using the details below so we can transform the hedges in your premises into something that you're proud of. 

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Looking for a tree surgeon in Welywn to attend the trees/hedges near your premises? Give Hertfordshire Trees a call on 07775 743861 or send us a message using our contact form

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