Signs It's Time to call a Tree Surgeon

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signs which indicate you need a tree surgeon

Signs It's Time to Call a Tree Surgeon

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Natural Weather Can Cause Damages

Believe it or not, natural weather can cause damage. For example, if trees suffer from broken branches on your land/garden, it may be a better idea to completely remove the tree, instead of it causing hazardous circumstances. If you're wondering whether to remove a tree from your land/garden, we can help here at Hertfordshire Trees. 

When Branches Cross Other Branches

Believe it or not, as trees grow, they can begin to cross branches, which isn't healthy for a tree. If this kind of problem isn't resolved, it can cause huge problems for the trees in your garden/land. To correct this kind of problem, it may be time to call a tree surgeon, so they can carry out pruning services for your tree.

Too Close to Streets and Buildings

Finally, once trees begin to grow older they can grow too close to pedestrian areas such as streets and also too close to buildings. If this is the case for your property, it may be time to call a tree surgeon to prevent your tree from growing too much to the point that it is too close to streets or buildings.

Pest Infestations

Infestations of pests or diseases are another important sign that it's time to hire a tree surgeon. Trees are vulnerable to a range of pests and diseases that can negatively impact their vitality and overall health. Unusual leaf patterns, insect activity, and obvious decay are common indicators. 

Tree surgeons are qualified to identify these problems with accuracy and recommend the best courses of action, including removal. Prompt action can protect the afflicted tree and stop the disease from spreading to other plants in the area. 

To ensure the general health of your green assets, have a professional tree surgeon in Harpenden, St Albans, or Hertfordshire inspect your property regularly. This will help identify possible issues early on.

Root Problems

Beyond appearances, a tree's root system is crucial in determining its overall health. A tree's stability and ability to absorb nutrients can be severely impacted by root problems such as girdling roots or compacted soil. The tree's girdling roots, which surround its base, impede the flow of nutrients and water, resulting in stunted growth and possible instability.

Compacted Soil

Compacted soil, which is frequently the result of construction or high foot traffic, restricts the roots' access to oxygen and impairs their ability to grow and thrive. See a tree surgeon if you notice any symptoms of root-related issues, such as exposed roots, soil heaving, or decreased foliage density. They can address these problems using methods like soil aeration and root pruning, increasing the tree's general health and lifespan.

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