The Dangers of Taking a Tree Down Without a Tree Surgeon

There's a reason tree surgery is not a DIY project! The occupation falls well within the trade industry as it relies on great experience and expertise to perform such services and challenges. 

Some homeowners sometimes consider removing a tree as a Sunday job that'll be hassle-free and straightforward; however, that's not the case and the technicalities involved are beyond our understanding! The procedures involved in tree surgery include the machinery that we might not know how to operate and the protective clothing for health and safety.

To illustrate exactly why you should put down the gardening tools and pick up the phone to give a professional tree surgeon a call; we've compiled a few reasons as to why this is the best option for you and your garden. 

The Dangers of Taking a Tree Down Without a Tree Surgeon

Why you should not remove a tree without an expert

No Protective Clothing 

One of the dangers of DIY Tree surgery is, of course, not having the appropriate protective clothing. Whether comfortable or not, protective clothing is advised for a reason; and with operating powerful and dangerous equipment, it's obvious why. You'll be surprised how much protective equipment is involved in undertaking tree surgery tasks. 

Professional tree surgeons should wear hard hats, face visors and eye protection, ear defenders, dust masks, hi-vis jackets and t-shirts, chainsaw protective gloves and general and general purpose gloves; and finally, believe it or not, the UK recommends that workers have a whistle to call for help when injured and a mobile phone to call emergency services - That's how dangerous tree surgery can be!  

Having a DIY Mentality 

We sometimes overestimate how well we can undertake tasks ourselves; especially when they involve a level of experience and knowledge. Sometimes DIY is a great option and can be a very fulfilling project, however, that doesn't always apply. Tree surgery involves much more than simply cutting down a tree. There's a range of tasks and challenges - including; tree felling, removal, grinding and hedge cutting. All these require the appropriate tools to perform these tasks and the procedures involved require the know-how. 

Lack of Knowledge About Tree Species 

A major disadvantage of doing tree surgery on your own is that you won't know enough about different kinds of trees. Expert tree surgeons receive in-depth training to recognise different tree species and comprehend their unique requirements and weaknesses. Without this knowledge, do-it-yourselfers run the risk of accidentally damaging their garden's trees and doing irreparable harm. 

Every species of tree has distinct traits, growth habits, and possible health problems that call for a customised strategy. The knowledge and experience of a professional tree surgeon guarantee that various trees receive the right care and upkeep, improving the general health and appearance of your garden.

Risk of Property Damage

There is a considerable risk of property damage when performing tree surgery on your own without expert assistance. Untrained people might not know how to evaluate the possible risks involved in trimming or removing trees. A careless tree fall's trajectory or a mistake made when operating machinery can cause damage to your garden's fences, buildings and other priceless possessions. 

To reduce such risks, our qualified tree surgeons in Hertfordshire, St Albans, and Harpenden use industry-standard methods and tools. Because of their experience, they can make exact cuts, direct falling branches, and protect your property from accidental damage. Selecting expert tree trimming services helps to reduce the possible monetary and psychological expenses linked to fixing property damage that results from do-it-yourself errors.

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As you can see, the dangers involved can be immense, and this is something you should consult a tree surgeon to receive a professional standard of work along with all the experience and understanding they have. Plus it can also be less time-consuming for you! If you're interested in finding out more about our services and what we can do for you and your garden, find out more via our services page

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