Tree Surgery Terms Explained

Tree surgeons use lots of different terms to explain what can be done to manage/promote a healthy tree. Here we've outlined some of the main ones so you know what you're asking for the next time you contact our tree surgeons in Hertfordshire...

Formative pruning 

Formative pruning is a process usually undertaken on trees that are still in their developing stage with the aim of promoting a healthy structure/form. It refers to the removal of intertwining branches that are otherwise competing for space.
Formative pruning might need to be undertaken several times whilst the tree matures, but it should help promote a healthy and sustainable tree once the tree has reached full maturity and should therefore minimise the need for future pruning work. 

Crown thinning 

Crown thinning refers to the selective removal of branches towards the top (crown) of the tree. In turn, this should reduce the density of the tree and allow for increased light passage and air flow, ensuring a healthy environment for a healthy tree. Crown thinning also helps better prepare trees in adverse weather conditions by reducing the weight of each branch. 
It's important to note that no more than 30% of the foilage should be removed from the tree as this can cause stress on the tree.

Crown lifting 

Crown lifting refers to the removal of the lowest branches and cutting back on the tree to a specific height. Crown lifting is often seen on roads where the tree intrudes on passing vehicles.

Crown reshaping/reduction

Crown reshaping/reduction is a technique used to acquire a certain shape/form of tree and is often applied to already mature trees. Crown reshaping/reduction can help balance a misshapen tree and can be a particularly useful technique to cut back on a tree that is blocking sunlight into a home. 
As with crown thinning, no more than 30% of the foliage should be removed. 

Crown cleaning for trees

Crown cleaning refers to the removal of unwanted material from the top (crown) of the tree to improve the tree's appeal and in some cases, remove hazards from the tree. 

Tree felling

Tree felling refers to the removal of a tree to ground level. Removing a tree might be necessary for several reasons:

  • The tree is diseased/has already died
  • The tree has fallen down onto a building or another tree
  • The tree needs to be removed to allow for building space

If there is a lack of space to remove the tree, it might need to be dismantled in smaller pieces. 

Stump removal

Stump removal is the final stage of permanent tree removal and refers to the complete removal of the trees stump below ground level. 

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